Why has the industry black listed Scrufizzer?


Scrufizzer drops one of the hardest diss tracks of 2016, firing shots at Ghetts. Then its in turn blocked and blacklisted by the industry.

I have been saying this throughout 2016, expect the unexpected. I have already written a full blog about this already, just in case you missed it though, here is a brief summary of the facts regarding this clash.

At the start of the year grime legend Ghetts dropped the awesome “You Dun Know Already”. This was followed up by two epic remixes from West London’s finest Scrufizzer, sampling  So Solid Crews classic “Oh No” for both mixes. Teaming up with So Solid Crew heavy weights Swizz & Mac to bring us a killer second remix. He gave props to Ghetts on record and social media and we thought everything was cool between the pair. Evidently this was not the case as Ghetts fired venom back at Scrufizzer two weeks ago when he dropped his “Official” remix of “You Dun Know Already”. Not to be out done Scrufizzer dropped the epic “I Don’t Believe You” firing a machine gun of shots at Ghetts.

Now anyone who has ever listened to my Saturday morning show on Itch Fm knows i am a big fan of clashes and i do love drama in music. As long as it stays lyrical and purely about the music of course. Myself and i am sure all of the grime world have been waiting with bated breath for Ghetts to respond to “I Don’t Believe You”. As yet we have heard nothing and to my knowledge Ghetts has still not commented about this diss on any of his social media platforms. This isn’t uncommon as it took Chip around 5 months to respond to Bugzy Malone, then there were weeks passing by when Bugzy didn’t respond to countless disses from Chip. So in time Ghetts may fire back at Scrufizzer and we may have another classic grime war on our hands.

The issue at hand here though is quite simply that the industry in the UK has in essence black listed Scrufizzer. There are blogs and underground radio getting behind “I  Don’t Believe You” i have personally been playing this for the last two weeks on Itch Fm as well as supporting Ghetts new remix of “You Dun Know Already”. Now why the trinity of top music blogs in the UK GRM Daily, Link Up TV and SBTV  have decided to ignore “I Don’t Believe You” is open to debate. We are also seeing some bias from some of the biggest radio DJ’s in the UK where at the time of writing this, they are happily playing Ghetts remix of “You Dun Know Already” but are at present ignoring Scrufizzer awesome response record.

From my own personal point of view, i have nothing but love for both Ghetts and Scrufizzer who are incredible artists and have and continue to contribute so much to the music we love. I am also a huge fan of GRM Daily, SBTV and Link Up TV, although i am in a blessed position to receive promos of 99% of what is going on music wise. I still check in daily on these blogs for some great writing, features and just to keep up to date with anything i may have missed. That aside i am genuinely disappointed with these three platforms for not even acknowledging “I Don’t Believe You” as far as diss records go this has to be one of the best. The same goes for the biggest taste making DJ’s in the country who i admire and respect who at present to my knowledge (I could be wrong) have still not played “I Don’t Believe You” on their shows. This all of course could change and i hope it does.

In my opinion GRM Daily, Link Up TV, SBTV and the big commercial DJ’s in the UK should be supporting both sides of any clash. As long as it stays within the music and about the music. We all love the art and the essence of most lyrical formats HipHop, Grime etc came from competing. Each Mc upping their game and in turn making the whole genre up its game. Now Ghetts has allegedly contacted the big blogging platforms and possibly even contacted the big commercial DJ’s in the UK and had “I Don’t Believe You” black listed.

I really do hope that Ghetts responds on record to Scrufizzer, as he did send for Scrufizzer first. Whatever happens though i hope that we do get to witness and enjoy another epic grime clash, this has the potential to be a legendary clash. As long as people don’t hide behind their contacts and play music politics.Ch4V0-aWkAAP-ua.jpg-large




Author: DJ Myme

DJ Myme is a Turntablist, DJ Tutor, Party Rocker, Mix Cd DJ, Radio presenter, a life long music fan and all round positive guy. I was pretty much born and bred on music. Everything from Soul, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop you name it, it was on the stereo when I was growing up. I got into HipHop in 93/94 and the rest as they say is history! From a long haired skateboard kid growing up in Glastonbury, via Edinburgh for a few years. Now making moves in London for the last ten years and counting. My journey has been fuelled by music. I have been DJ'ing for the best part of ten years, starting of as a DMC battle DJ after smashing my way through the Scottish DMC finals, through to the London DMC finals. I turned my hand to mix cds, then radio, as well as tearing up dance floors from Edinburgh to London town then back again. Sharing the stage with everyone from Trevor Nelson to Cutmaster Swift along the way. I have passed my knowledge and skills on as a DJ tutor and I was the scratch DJ for Sky Sports, for their weekly football show "Premier League Preview". My blog here is to keep you up to date with the latest news from the urban world, reviews, write ups, features. As well as positive, mindful blogs, tell a friend to tell a friend. Beats, Rhymes and Life. Peace, Peace DJ Myme.

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