Charlie Sloth: Industry Masters.


One of the most valuable assets in the UK music industry. Lets break down why Charlie Sloth is an industry master.

The Peoples Prince, The Best Looking Fat Guy In The Universe and without a doubt one of the most valuable assets in the UK music industry.

Best known for his Radio One Saturday night rap show, with the world famous Fire In The Booth. Charlie Sloth is a man of many talents, a radio presenter, actor, TV Presenter and a huge personality.

Coming out of Camden Town, starting as a DJ then making a name for himself as a MC even doing live radio guest spots for Tim Westwood, amongst others. He was a strong force on various pirate radio stations in London such as: De Ja Vu, Raw Fm and Freek Fm to name a few. He then ran his hugely successful “Fire In The Streets”series on youtube, giving all the talented MCs out there a shot at the street version of “Fire In The Booth”.

One of the hardest working men in the industry Charlie Sloth holds down his weekday drive time show 16.00-19.00 on BBC  1 Xtra. Then on Saturday nights its over to Radio One for his world famous Rap Show. In between all of that he is out DJ’ing across the UK, Europe and across the world.

Famous or infamous for firstly taking Tim Westwoods Saturday night rap show, then taking Westwoods weekday drive time show on 1Xtra. It was fair to say that Charlie Sloth had some big shoes to fill. Did he fill them though? No, he traded in Westwoods Adidas Superstars, for strictly limited edition Nikes and took things to the next level. He hasn’t missed a step launching the world famous “Fire In The Booth” series. Where some of the best established MCs in the country have stepped up and laid down pure fire. Not forgetting that we have been introduced to countless new talents from the “Fire In The Booth” series. As well as pushing the boundaries with the first ever D&B, Hindi and Comedy “Fire In The Booths” with Harry Shotta killing the D&B session, Divine doing his thing showcasing that Hindi rappers have style and flow. Then who can forget Roll Safe, timeless comedy session.

In his own words Charlie Sloth has always been about building the scene and helping the scene grow in the UK. HipHop, Grime, Underground, Overground, UK, US all feature on Charlie Sloths playlist. Giving the UK scene a much needed national platform which it wasn’t getting before. We have since seen the scene grow and grow, to the huge and exciting level its at now. Picking up countless radio awards and nominations along the way its great to see the industry giving back to a man who has given us all so much.

Its really hard to think back to a time when we did not have Charlie Sloth on our radio. Can you imagine no “Fire In The Booth”? all the controversy that seems to come with every single one. Did you see it? What did you think? Thats the best ever, no?

A huge force on radio in the club and in the industry. His hugely popular “Hood Heat” music compilation series is a huge gem to Sloths ever growing arsenal. Then with his own label “Grimey Limey” creating waves across the industry, with future legends Bugzy Malone on the roster and one of my fav MCs Potter Payper gaining support from the label. Charlie Sloth is a man who constantly gives back and helps to bring through new talents.

Dedication, commitment, vision, drive and a hugely important its not about ME its about We attitude. Is why Charlie Sloth is a true Industry Master.

Author: DJ Myme

DJ Myme is a Turntablist, DJ Tutor, Party Rocker, Mix Cd DJ, Radio presenter, a life long music fan and all round positive guy. I was pretty much born and bred on music. Everything from Soul, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop you name it, it was on the stereo when I was growing up. I got into HipHop in 93/94 and the rest as they say is history! From a long haired skateboard kid growing up in Glastonbury, via Edinburgh for a few years. Now making moves in London for the last ten years and counting. My journey has been fuelled by music. I have been DJ'ing for the best part of ten years, starting of as a DMC battle DJ after smashing my way through the Scottish DMC finals, through to the London DMC finals. I turned my hand to mix cds, then radio, as well as tearing up dance floors from Edinburgh to London town then back again. Sharing the stage with everyone from Trevor Nelson to Cutmaster Swift along the way. I have passed my knowledge and skills on as a DJ tutor and I was the scratch DJ for Sky Sports, for their weekly football show "Premier League Preview". My blog here is to keep you up to date with the latest news from the urban world, reviews, write ups, features. As well as positive, mindful blogs, tell a friend to tell a friend. Beats, Rhymes and Life. Peace, Peace DJ Myme.

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