Kishmeister – The Secret List (HipHop Mix).


Kishmeister aka Broken Soul Boy, drops a flawless 70 minute genre spanning HipHop mix for the ‘Secret List’.

Kishan Ramsamy aka Kishmeister aka Broken Soul Boy, a man of many talents and an epic collection of New Era hats. My former producer on Itch Fm, occasional guest co host, music guru and all round good guy. Its great to see Kishan showing the world how its done with the first ‘HipHop’ mix for the ‘Secret List’ team. The bar has been set high and who ever follows this mix has some big shoes to fill.

The Secret List, in case you don’t already know is a book focusing on record stores in cities such as L.A., Paris, New York and our very own London to name a few. Giving you a full low down on the spots to visit, as well as taking in places to eat, drink, dance and be seen. A well rounded travel guide with the focus on record shopping, music and the secret spots most of us would miss without a book like this.

For more on the ‘Secret List’ visit their website here:

Now then back to Kishan, he is a blogger, radio presenter, occasional radio producer and helped edit The Secret List – London. As i said a man of many talents and a true walking encyclopaedia of musical knowledge. Kishmeister takes The Secret Mixes into hop hip territory, music to write books to.

 Some words from Kishan:

Music, London and my lively Snapback collection are how my mates would best reference me. I’m a massive fan of many genres across the spectrum of music, from hip hop, soul to drum ‘n’ bass and everything in between. My treasured music collection is testament to the place that music has in my life. I have known Secret List founder Sanjiv Ahluwalia as a fellow writer from the Gilles Peterson Brownswood messageboard, a diverse community of music heads.

London is a significantly music-orientated city that I exploit fully with the numerous gigs and club nights I have experienced over the years. I’m also a passionate DJ head, appreciative of the art of turntablism which is one of my hobbies, having created some mixes recently.

I have also followed up on my music writings, including a tribute to 25 years of the Jazz Café for ITCH FM (my favourite music venue in London), editing for a fellow writer Ali Kinteh, on his acclaimed debut novel ‘The Nepenthe Park Chronicles’ and blogging for Lovesoul and Nik Squared music sites. I have also been a co-host and producer for DJ Myme’s radio show. While London is a city full of stresses, this is also a great place of music, culture and street art that I cherish and thrive in.

Why I like The  Secret List:

It has been a privilege to play a part in the Secret List books, honouring record shops around the world. I’m becoming an increasingly rare breed of music head that still buys music and support artists, as opposed to listening to tunes off a streaming service that is frequently punctuated by mind numbing adverts or downloading songs off some virus infected website while running the persistent gauntlet of pop up spam.

Record shops invest a significant wealth of respect and value to the craft of music, building up communities, establishing the foundations for our future DJ’s, tastemakers and record labels, and heralding the heart and effort that artists put in when creating music that represents them, to share to the world. Fellow music lover Sanjiv Ahluwalia captures that legacy through these inspired books, writing with creative resonance to what being a cratedigger is all about.

A well travelled music head, it has been fascinating to read the record shop expeditions of Sanjiv, as well as providing a broader insight into the cities that are graced by these special Music joints. All these cities are richer in their culture and identity, being served by these record shops, which Sanjiv charts with intriguing personal anecdotes.

Record shops are much reduced in numbers these days as technology and listening habits evolve. With newer technology, the undeniably great advantages of a universal platform to share music easily has also contributed to an era where music’s worth is degraded, and increasingly dismissed into a disposable commodity by the relentless turnover and short attention spans. The adventure of a music head in making an effort to investigate a new release, engage with fellow colleagues in person, the life affirming and crazy moments that are snatched in record stores, many of which lead onto whole new movements, is a much needed and compelling narrative that Sanjiv pays tribute to in The Secret List series.

The mix covers an eclectic selection of HipHop, R&B and left field styles taking in Q-Tip, Grand Puba, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, De La Soul, DJ Shadow and so much more. All expertly mixed by Kishmeister, who compliments the selection with well thought through scratches and beat juggles. The result is a flawless 70 minute journey, a fusion of old, new and classic tracks taking us into the mind and crates of a true music collector, fan and DJ. Kishmeister  fuses this mix together with ease, high energy and enough skills & styles to hold your attention for the 70 minute running time. You won’t be getting bored of this mix for a long, long time.

Listen to the mix here:






Author: DJ Myme

DJ Myme is a Turntablist, DJ Tutor, Party Rocker, Mix Cd DJ, Radio presenter, a life long music fan and all round positive guy. I was pretty much born and bred on music. Everything from Soul, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop you name it, it was on the stereo when I was growing up. I got into HipHop in 93/94 and the rest as they say is history! From a long haired skateboard kid growing up in Glastonbury, via Edinburgh for a few years. Now making moves in London for the last ten years and counting. My journey has been fuelled by music. I have been DJ'ing for the best part of ten years, starting of as a DMC battle DJ after smashing my way through the Scottish DMC finals, through to the London DMC finals. I turned my hand to mix cds, then radio, as well as tearing up dance floors from Edinburgh to London town then back again. Sharing the stage with everyone from Trevor Nelson to Cutmaster Swift along the way. I have passed my knowledge and skills on as a DJ tutor and I was the scratch DJ for Sky Sports, for their weekly football show "Premier League Preview". My blog here is to keep you up to date with the latest news from the urban world, reviews, write ups, features. As well as positive, mindful blogs, tell a friend to tell a friend. Beats, Rhymes and Life. Peace, Peace DJ Myme.

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