NotFamous – Shine/LA


Breathtakingly mellow vibes come from the NotFamous duo.

Now and again artists come along that truly take your breath away and make you take a step back. NotFamous are a perfect example of this. Delivering perfectly effortless mellow and understated hiphop.

A double review from the NotFamous hiphop duo, two singles – Shine & LA. Both tracks taken from their debut album – Dopamine Addict which is out now.

Shine come fully loaded with a hybrid of laid back production and fierce lyricism. Yet it still manages to sound like a big hiphop banger without loosing any appeal or authenticity. A playful hook of ‘Im Not Interested In Nothing You Say’ is the lynch pin for a flawless banger from this new duo.

LA follows a similar pattern of a laid back mellow production, complimented by effortless lyricism. A deeper subject matter of love and appreciation which is the theme through out this track is covered with ease. Late night vibes that will have you smiling and spacing out all at the same time.

 We live in a world of fast easy to digest music and thats great. Now and again though you need something a little deeper a little bit more meaningful a little bit more soul touching. NotFamous are a square peg in a round holed industry which far from being bad, its in fact a beautiful thing. They stand out for all the right reasons and its beautiful that we still have music of this calibre in 2017.

Grown folks music at its finest. I can honestly say this review has taken far longer than it should have to write up. As i kept stopping to reply Shine & LA and to digest these soul touching singles.

Watch the videos below:

Author: DJ Myme

DJ Myme is a Turntablist, DJ Tutor, Party Rocker, Mix Cd DJ, Radio presenter, a life long music fan and all round positive guy. I was pretty much born and bred on music. Everything from Soul, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop you name it, it was on the stereo when I was growing up. I got into HipHop in 93/94 and the rest as they say is history! From a long haired skateboard kid growing up in Glastonbury, via Edinburgh for a few years. Now making moves in London for the last ten years and counting. My journey has been fuelled by music. I have been DJ'ing for the best part of ten years, starting of as a DMC battle DJ after smashing my way through the Scottish DMC finals, through to the London DMC finals. I turned my hand to mix cds, then radio, as well as tearing up dance floors from Edinburgh to London town then back again. Sharing the stage with everyone from Trevor Nelson to Cutmaster Swift along the way. I have passed my knowledge and skills on as a DJ tutor and I was the scratch DJ for Sky Sports, for their weekly football show "Premier League Preview". My blog here is to keep you up to date with the latest news from the urban world, reviews, write ups, features. As well as positive, mindful blogs, tell a friend to tell a friend. Beats, Rhymes and Life. Peace, Peace DJ Myme.

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