Industry Masters: MistaJam.


When it comes to DJ’s people always like to put labels on people and associate you with a certain type of music. Tim Westwood: hiphop, Trevor Nelson: R&B/Soul, Fabio & Grooverider: D&B and so on. Then there is Nottingham’s MistaJam mostly associated with… yeah, its not easy to tag MistaJam with any one genre, a pioneer, tastemaker, new music breaker and always at the forefront of every single new urban, dance genre.


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Hardy Caprio “Love Song”

hardy_caprioThis has been around for a few weeks now and this has featured heavily on my show for the last few weeks as well. Without a doubt this is not your normal love song, this is however a total banger. Hardy Caprio is a man who consistently drops banger after banger. Produced by Westy this has all the essential grime elements, melodic, catchy with a killer bass line. Hardy Caprio rides the production with ease, with heartfelt lyrics and some tongue in cheek punch lines. If you don’t know about Hardy Caprio, you do now and this is the perfect introduction to a gem in the grime scene.